Thursday, July 26, 2007

Get a scribble- on tha NetWeb!!!!!!!!

Hello peeps!!!!!!!! Have you ever been surfing tha w3, and thought: "Hey, wouldn't it be really groovy if I could do a load of completely unartistic scribbles, send it to a complete stranger, and get another load of completey unartistic scribbles in return from a completely different stranger!!!!!!"?!?!?!?! Well, if so, you've been up shengis creek without a paddle!!!!!!!!

Until now, that is!!!!!!!! And it's all thanks to the wonderful w3sitey wot is Sketch Swap!!!!! You do a sketch, you send it, and get a sketch back!!!! Stricly speaking it's not realoly a swap of course, because the person wot done the sketch you get doesn't get the sketch wot you dun!!!!! But who cares when you can draw any old codswallop, and get something in return for it!!!!!!!

For example, here is what I did:

And here's what I got back:

Smashing or wot!!!!!!!!!!!!