Friday, January 05, 2001

The ultimate in boredom started here!!!!!!!

On this day in 1971, one day international cricket was born!!!!!!! (Yes, it's one day!!!!!! It only feels like it's longer!!!!!!!!) England v Aussies!!!!! At Melbourne!!!!!!!!! Bet you're excited, huh!!!!!!! Well, actually, you probably aren't!!!!!!!! And to be honest, I don't blame you either!!!!!!!!!

Friday's self-evident quotee!!!!!

"It takes two to make a marriage a success and only one a failure"
- Lord Herbet Samuel [Well, obviously!!!!!! I mean a marriage with only one person is obviously not exactly going to work is it?!?!?!?! Unless you're really egotistical, obviously!!!!!!! Er, hang on, am I being too obvious!??!?!? OK, I'd better be careful here before I use up my "obvious" quota, and ... Oh no!!!!!! I've just used it up there!!!!!! Now I'll have to wait for a fresh delivery before I can use the word "_______" again!!!!!!!! (Note to self: upon delivery, fill in blanks with "_______"!!!!)]

German Tear Gas Day!!!!!!!

Apprently today in 1915, the Germans used tear gas in tha Great War for the first time!!!!! That's "tear gas" BTW!!!!!!! And it's World War One!!!!

It's British Cupro-Nickel Day!!!!!

Apparently in 1947, the UK Royal Mint started replacing silver coins with coins made of "cupro-nickel"!!!!!!! Crickey, that sounds like something they make rocket ships from in Dan Dare, doesn't it?!?!??!?! "It's alright Professor Gubbins, the ship's hull is made of strengthened cupro-nickel!!!!!!!!! If it's strong enough for your 50 Imperial Shillings pieces, then we're safe as houses from those bally meteors!!!!!!!"

Columbus: The Return trip!!!!!

On this day in 1493, Christoper Columbus sailed from Haiti to Spain!!!!! In the Nina, apparently!!!!!!!! And no doubt, she was probably singing "99 Red Balloons", or something!!!!!!!!

Well, that's the end of all the double quotes!!!!!!! "Thank goodness" I hear you all roar!!!!!!!!! But- hold your eyes!!!!! The quotefest not over yet!!!!!!!!!

Even more bizzare acccountants quote- from Jane Austen!!!!

"An annuity is a very serious business"
- Jane Austen [Undoubtably it is, Mrs Austen!!!!! But it's still more interesting than your books!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Utterly bizzare Thursday quote!!!!!!

The cruellest lies are often told in silence. [Wot?!??! Like, using telepathy or something?!?!??! Sounds like a bit of a problem area to me!!!! After all, if one's telling fibs with the power of ones mind, then all the other person has to do is read the other parts of ones mind in order to ascertain the veracity of these extra-sensory whoppers!!!!!!!!!!]

Wednesday's not very interesting second quote!!!!!

It takes time to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits prefer unhappiness. [Well that explains Victor Meldrew, then!!!!!!!!]

Penny Pinching Wednesday quotee!!!!!

Beware those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. [eg those idiots who foist Westlife on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Slightly more reasonable Tuesday quote!!!!

"Our patience will achieve more than force"
- Edmund Burke [Of course, the odd well placed bit of force can do wonders as well!!!!! But apart from that, nice one!!!! You're no berk, Burke!!!!!!]

Completely untrue Jan 2 quote!!!!!!!

Everyone desires to live long, but no-one wants to be old. [Speak for yourself, you young whippersnapper!!!!!!!!!!!]

Pension Day: 1909!!!!!!!!

On this day in 1909, over-70s drew their pensions for the first time!!!!!!!!!! I bet they didn't increase by 75p tho!!!!!!!!!

New Years Slogan!!!! (2!!!!!!)

"My Work is done. Why wait?"
- George Eastman's suicide note!!!!!!! [Well, at least my work is never done!!!!!!!]

New Years Slogan!!!! (1!!!!!!)

You may have not been responsible for your heritage, but you are responsible for your future. [Wot if you've decided your future is to be as irresponsible as poss?!??!?!??!]

Welcome to 2001: A Senior Citizen Oddessy!!!!!!!

Welcome to that fabby new year Y2K1!!!!!! And it looks like it'll be a bumper week for cheesy quotes!!!!! Because the old calender wot supplied the original quotes lasts 4 day into 2001!!!!!! And the new one has some fascinating "On This Day In History" type stuffs as well!!!!!!!

Hold your seats- here goes!!!!!!!!