Friday, February 01, 2002


If you're a multisquillion comglomeratery thingy and you're trying to swing a vote, it's a good idea not to get caught!!!!!!!

Naughty words- on "This Morning"!!!!

Just as well Richard & Judy missed this one!!!!!!! Apparently some young lady called Caprice was on Britain's deadly-dull morning TV show "This Morning" talking about taking part in some thingy she's involved in called "The Vagina Monologues", which, as the name suggests, is a dull-but-worthy "piece in which various ladies stand up and give the audience an earful about their furry front-bottoms!!!!

So bloody wot, you might roar!!!!! Well, OK, it's not really that contraversial these days!!!! I mean, we've already had Pupperty of the Penis performing live on the Big Breakfast at 8am in the morning!!!! (Albiet filmed from behind and from the waist up!!!!!) However, that was merely the horse doovre for a truly groundbreaking moment in tha anals of UK Daytime TV!!!!! "One of my monologues is called 'Reclaiming C@%$' It is very challenging." she said on a live telly-o-gram broadcast!!!!!! Which provoked the wrath of... one person!!!!!!!!!!

Crikey!!!! You just wondered how Richard Madley would have handled this one!!!!! He probably would have done a crap Ali G impersonation and said: "Errr!!!! Oh my God!!!! Oops, I mean, nah woman, innit!!! I is using the word 'punani', err, instead!!!! Aiii?!?!?!?"!!!!!!!!!!


Damn you Microsoft and your full raw socket API!!!!!!