Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga!!!! The next Quake?!?!?!

What would you do if someone comes up to and pokes you in the eye?!??!?! Would you kick the "shit" of said personage?!?!?!? Nope!!!! What you would actually do is say "Aha!!!! You've been playing the latest in cult Japanese video games!!!!!" And then proceed to kick the "shit" out of said personage!!!!!!!

That's because the latest in Far East video games action is a game by the name of Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, in which you poke someone in tha fizzog!!!!!! (By which I course mean the "face", not a "sherbet fountain"!!!!!! That would be really silly!!!! Or maybe not!!!! Maybe this person likes a bit of sherbet!!!!! OK I'll shut up now!!!!!!)

Slashdot: next for tha chop?!?!?!

Crikey!!!!! Wot's going on wiv all those bloshy slashdotty w3sites in tha US?!??!?! I mean, Kuro5hin.org's been down with server probs for over a week, with some concidental conspiracy theories floating around about US secret involvement with one of their posters, now Plastic's inbetween servers, as they say- in tha business!!!!!!

Wots next?!??!! Is Slashdot going to get it's dot slashed next?!?!?!?!? (!!!!)

Giving them a bad name- literally!!!!!

I must admit to being rather amused (in the laughter sense!!!) when I read this story: "'Wee Free' Church accused of giving christianity a bad name"!!!!!!

No wonder!!!!! They definately are given them a bad name!!!!! I mean, can you possibly give Christians a dafter name than "Wee Frees"?!??!?!?!?!?!? I think not!!!!!!!!!

"Oh no!!!! Shoppers!!!!! Quick, hide the 'EXIT' signs!!!!!"

U-no, once I went into this rather large shop!!!!!! And I while I was looking for tha longjohns, I found myself lost in the hosiery section!!!!!!!! A mistake anyone could have made, as I said to the police officer!!!!!! But it would have been even worse if the shop had been run the peeps who run the shops in this article!!!!! That's because they would have removed the "Exit" signs!!!!!! At least, that's what they've done in their Online Shopps!!!!!!!

Wow!!! Petrol prices rose in 1956!!!!

Hey, get this!!!! In this day in 1956, the Suez Crisis forced up UK petrol prices to an "astonishing" 30p a galleon!!!!! Just as well things are not like that today, eh!!!!!!!!