Friday, September 20, 2002

"Already I do not know as have-of having me with this chaste one of people"!!!!!!!!!

Now!!! Some of you might dimly remember your fave w3zine (Senior Citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) doing a spot of el reportage on tha webby version of a jolly unusual tome named "English As She Is Spoke"!!!! Now of course, that was quite an ancient publication from tha olden days, so no doubt all you young whippersnappers were laughing and saying "Phew crikey Grandad!!!! Weren't old people in the olden days really thickoid?!?!?!?!?!" Well, laugh no more, because the boot's on the other side of the face now!!!!!!!! A rather smart young chap has decided to test the translations in this book against automatic translations from Altavista's Bablefish site, and has found out that Bablefish is just as bad if not worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Next time you're using tha mighty 'Fish (!!!!), don't forget, as the phrase translated from Portuguese to English goes: "The given horse if does not look at to it for the tooth."!!!!!!!!!!!!!