Monday, February 25, 2002

"Full Confidence" Alert!!!!!

Hey!!!! Here's a breaking news story!!!!! UK Transport Minister Stephen Byers (Wot a great name for a Cash 'n' Carry!!!!!!) has been in a bit a of a row with some people that might have resigned from his office, or he might have sacked!!!!!!! We don't know which!!!!!!!! And top of that he's been in a bit of a spot over problems with the railways, roads, the airports, and, well, basically everything he touches, and some peeps want King Blair to go el-choppo on him!!!!!!!! (By which I of course mean sack him, not... Er, actually I don't really think anyone suspected otherwise!!!!!!!!!! Unless they're really mad!!!!!! Or have similar thoughts about Anne Widdlecome!!!!! But I repeat myself...) But anyway, old Tone's just announced his backing for Byers, so that's OK then, apparently!!!!!!!! So bloody wot, you might howl!!!!!!!!! But, this is actually a great time for a political experiment!!!!!!!!! When Number 10 backed Byers, they were quoted as saying that they had their "full confidence" in him!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, that's right, UK political watchers!!!!!!!! The magic phrase "full confidence" has been invoked!!!!!!! So, according to past form by the UK govt in announcing their "full confidence" for troubled ministers, we can expect Stephen Byers resignation letter within the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or can we?!?!? As an experiment, let's observe what happens in the next few weeks, and see if this magic phrase of doom still has it's legendary power!!!!!!!!!


U-no, I always thought those wacky US fundie types were flogging a dead horse, but I didn't think they meant it literally!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW Do they have a different Bible over there?!?!?! One that misses out the "Thou Shalt Not Lie" bit?!?!?!?)


Now the Invisible Man can use IRC!!!!!!!!!!


If you decided to do a spiffy new "ad hoc" network with your wireless, would you give a name which sounds like something that nice young chap Will Smith would come up with?!?!?!??!?!

Go to tha Offies- in your Drawing Room!!!!!

Honestly!!!!!!! It's getting a bit hairy at the off-licenses these days!!!!!! Nope!!!! I don't mean they've turned into hippies and started selling Jazz ciggies!!!!!!!!! No, it's the to the millionz of "neds" outside chucking tenners at you and asking for "ah boattle of Buckie, big maahhhn!!!!!!!! etc. etc."!!!!!!! It's getting to the point where I need a tommy gun to get a bottle of gin!!!!!! Hopefully that funny Bush chappie won't subsequently lump me in with that Access Of Evil malarkey!!!!! (Anyway, I always thought Visa were better!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ahem, anyway!!!!! It could be get worse!!!! The neds could be hanging outside your house instead!!!!! And it's all thanks to tha NetWeb!!!!!!!!!That's because according to this slightly confusing article, there's a chance that selling stuffs on the w3 might lead to NetWebby Offies selling booze for motorcylce courier delivery- from someone's Sitting Room!!!!!!!!!!!! So in future, you'll be able to have a Lounge- in your lounge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curling- the new Rock 'n' Roll?!??!?!

Well, congrats are obviously in order to Rhona Martin & co, for winning the first Brit Gold medal in the Winter Olympics since Tovrill & Dean fell down at the end of their interminable Bolero routine in nineteen-canteen!!!!!!! Wot a shame, it's for flipping Curling, which is exactly like bowling- only in Lapland!!!!!!! Still, it's quite amusing to see an incredibly boring sport which has had loads of TV coverage for squillions of years up my end suddenly become hip 'n' happening amongst London media types!!!!!!