Monday, April 24, 2006

Femplesnip: The future of English!!!!!!

U-no, some peeps seem to have into their craniums that I talk in a funy dialekt other than English!!!!!! (As opposed to talking dalekts that are other than English- because they're from Skaro!!!!!!)

Look you buffoons!!!!!!!! It's coz my English vocabulabulary is ultradiverse in tha extreme, and you young whippersnappers with your McEnglish are choking on it's superlovely richness!!!! AdditionaIly, I am expanding tha English language like wot Shakespeare dun by making up new wurds for your edification and use!!!!!

So it it warms the heart of my cockles to w3see that folks on tha tradgeek blabsitey Slashdot have formulated a new word for it, and that word is.... (Drum role!!!!!!!!): Femplesnip!!!!!!!!!

So whenever you blether with the type of accquaintance that makes up words like "foamhole" and "coinage", you can cry "Femplesnip!!!!!!!!!!" (Although, you should be really shouting "Neologism!!!!!!", really.)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Osama BinLid: "Da Da Da"!!!!!!!!!!


I've got a Casio VL-Tone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can play Trio's "Da Da Da" on it!!!!!!!!!! Thus apparently I am in communication with Al Quieeda, and should be worried about probability of extraordinary rendition to Guanatamaumano Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!