Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This is what living in France does to you!!!!!

Now, I'm not one of those poltroons like those funny peeps from tha US who bash the Frenchies all the time, going "What have those cheese-eating surrender monkeys ever done for us?!?!?!?" (Well, apart from sinking the Brits navy and giving the rebels squillions of monet [ie munney!!!] in the Wars of Independence, and giving them the Statue of Liberty, I dunno either!!!!!! Anyway, aren't they supposed to be frogs instead of monkeys!??!!? And don't you Americans eat cheese!??!?! Or can we take this an admission of exactly why Kraft "cheese slices" are complete and utter crap!?!?!? Woops, where was I!??!?!?) Anyway!!!!!! I'm not anti-French, because they make nice red wine (Well, much better than my home-made elderberry wine anyway!!!! Only not as strong!!!!!) and Sacha Distell is a jolly good singer!!!!!! But I do worry about them being a bit too pretentious!!!!!!!! And then I see this letter from an Englishman in France, discussing WW2-based cult tellybox shows like Hogan's Heroes (Not Hulk Hogan, as you may think!!!!) and Fawlty Towers!!!!! No exactly a spiritual journey to one's navel, and you'd be totally wrong!!!!!!!
There is little joy to be had in Germans being misrepresented by Italians misrepresenting Americans mispresenting the English misrepresenting themselves misrepresenting the Germans.
!!!!!! I ask you!!!!!!!!! Of course, it could be worse. He could have said:
Il y a peu de joie à avoir en Allemand représenté mal par les Américains représentants mal d'Italians mispresenting l'anglais se représentant mal représentant mal les Allemands.
... Which would be even worse!!!!! Especially if someone said it, and some crappy subtitles, like those ones which look like they were done on a BBC model B, appear below their faces for about 2 seconds while they smoke a cigarette!!!!