Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Blog Da Bus!!!!!

Have you ever caught an vehicular omnibus downtown to tha "big smoke" (By which I course mean London Town, not your local volcano!!!!!) and thought "Hmmmm.... I bet the peeps who read tha megamighty inphopipeway w3space will be thrilled if I write loadsa screeds and pix about this in my blogsitey!!!!!"?!?!?!?!?

Well, OK, I haven't, but this bloke does- about the really fascinating and interesting No. 73 bus!!!!

Get your end away- with a tooth!!!!!!!

Remember way back in tha olden days, I mentioned this thingie called Bluetooth!?!??!!? Well, now some bright sparks at the Independent newspaper (The one wot went tabloid size!!!) have discovered that one can use the now (finally!!!) blossoming technology to solicit mutal assignations of the extra-mural physical variety!!!! Yes, that right, you can use tha latest tech to get some good old fashioned rumpy-pumpy!!!!!!! And now loads of other people have noticed!!!! Even Wired's reporting on it, which probably means it's "dead" now!!!!!!!!

The advent of this "Toothing" lark no doubt explains the funny reactions of some to my declaration that since I discovered Bluetooth, my dongle has been in constant usage!!!!!

It's Europe's Mayday- thanks to a tortoise!!!!!

You might have dimly noticed that the funny accountant type wot runs Britannia is wanting to let the great unwashed have their say with a referendum on a new constitution for tha EU!!!!! No doubt, it'll bring out all the usual types wanting to defend Britain from a EU "monolith" which presumably wants to force hideous continental concepts like integrated public transport systems on Britain!!!!!

Well, the EU might be big at the mo, but on the 1st May, it'll get even bigger, when 10 former Eastern Bloc (You can tell they're Eastern, becuase they spell "block" funny!!!!) nations join!!!!! Among them is Lithunia, who have now got this "label" to describe their economy!!!! You know the type- smaller countries that do well with their ecomonies get called things like "the Celtic tiger", "the Nordic leopard", "the Latin hamster", "the Balkan Platypus", etc., etc., Well, apparently Lithuania is the Baltic Tortoise!!!!!!!!

Wot, like they all eat lettuce and go to sleep for 6 months up there!?!??!

Wot the f@£$!?!?!?!?

Flippin' eck!!!!! Probably says a lot that I went to Dublin for a jolly, and then I wake up and find myself in Barcelona!!!!!!! In Spain!!!!! In Europe!!!!!! In planet Earth!!!!! In tha solar system!!!!!! In the Milky way (OK, I'll stop now!!!!)!!!!! It was a bit easy to mistake the two places, because apart from the completely different geography, massively bigger size, the slightly sunnier weather, and the fact that tha locals speak in two completely different lingos to English, the two cities are completely similar!!!!! And by "lingo" I of course mean words wot you speak, not antipodean feral canines!!!!! (And I'm not just talking about their teeth either!!!!!!!)

Anyway, I'm back!!!!!!! Although I will be making an appearance in Spain again next week!!!!! And I might even write about it this time!!!!!!!

By the way, you may have noticed that Blogger now allows posts to have titles!!!!! Well, you may not have noticed, but I certainly have!!!!! And now, you can get all these super-duper posts on tha state of tha w3 on your newsie-reader thanks to a new RSS feed on this site!!!!!! Amazing or wot?!?!?!? Wot?!?!?!?!?