Friday, September 22, 2000

Friday's corny slogan!!!!!

It's hard to recognise good luck. It looks some much like something you've earned! [?!?!?!?!?!]

Little machines- with little coats!!!!!!

When you were little (or a "wee wean", as we say around these parts!!!!!!) were you forced to wear crappy plastic "macs" when it rained?!?!!! And I'm not talking about old Apple computers here!!!!!! In fact, they would be absolutely no use!!!!!! If it rains, you're hardly going to stick a Mac SE-30 on your "dome" and expect it to protect you from the elements!!!!!! That would be really thick!!!!!!!!!!

Woops, where was I!??!?!?! Anyway!!!! If you've worn plastic raincoats when you were little, you might understand how these little thingies feel!!!!! I am of course talking about nanomachines, and the fact that they're now going to be made to wear little plastic coats!!!!!! The reason this is that appparently when nanomachines run around in the nuddy, they tend to stick together and that's not supposed to be a good thing!!!!!! Well I suppose we don't want too many baby nanomachines I suppose...

Watering hole- for Martians!!!!!!!

So it appears that "The War of the Worlds" was a load of crap after all!!!!!!!!!!! Mars doesn't appear to be that short of the ol' H20 according to this latest find by NASA peeps!!!!!! The brainy boffins have discovered what appears 2 B a "huge underground ice reservoir" near the surface at one bit of Valles Marineris. (Which makes the Grand Canyon look like a piddling little hole in the ground!!!!!!!)

I bet when most astronomoners heard this, they exclaimed: "'Water' surprise!!!!!!!" (Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Thanks to the very nice Bitek Processor for putting us onto this one...)

Kill cars- dead!!!!!!

Wot a surprise to see this one coming from a place where they still have the death penalty!!!!! Some peeps in California are trying to pass the death penalty- for cars!!!!!!!!!!

The law asks for new cars to be fitted with a remote control "kill" switch so that if the police are chasing them- they can remotely turn the car "off"!!!!

Only prob with that- what if a robber steals a police car!!!!!! And they can't exactly put "kill" switches on their own cars, as it means some miscreant just has to steal the remote control, and use it on them!!!!!!!! Or, erm, maybe the robbers could just take the switch out of the car!!!!!!!!!

Seems a bit of dim idea to me!!!! But then again, this is the US we're talking about here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Move your "ass" to the funky... erm, dentist!!!!!!

Well, you'll like this one if you're "down with da 'hood" as they say- in the business!!!!!! And that business is of course dentistry!!!!! That's because this person here is a dentist to the stars of tha wordy rappinghood!!!!!

So next time you see a talented young chap rapping on tha tellybox about how big and tough he is, especially in the trouser department, then remember that not so long ago, this little man was drilling into his molars!!!!!!!!

Mind you there's one odd thing- check out the photo section. In all the proper b/w publicity photos, you can't see anyones teeth!!!!!!!!!

Not exactly great advertising for this dentist person, is it!!!!!!!!!!!

One Stop Blog Shop!!!!!!

The main prob with all the weblogging around is that it's so easy to do, that everyone and their dog can do it!!!!!!!!!!! And therefore, everyone and their dog is doing it!!!!!!! So it can be a bit of pain in the bottom to find decent weblogs inbetween the ones that do stuffs like:

got up. watched tv. it sucked.
went out to the mall. talked to a chick. she told me to go f= myself. bitch, huh? whatever.
went home. listened to cd. slipnot ROCKS!!!!
went to bed. feel asleep. migth have snored a bit [etc...]

... or the pseudy characters who write exactly the same claptrap as above, but in an even more unreadable style!!!!!!

Fume, fume!!!! Erm, anyway!!!!!!! There's now a new webby dirsite for this sort of stuff, called BlogStart, and it divides up tha w3logz into Yahoo-style directories!!!!!!! So now you can avoid crappy logs by avoiding the "Personal Weblogs" directory!!!!!!!

Only prob is- you're probably likely to pick a log in another dir which looks useful, then when goto tha webbysite the first entry sez: "got up. watched tv. it sucked. [etc.]" AAaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Thursday's brainbox quote!!!!!

It's much wiser to choose what you say than say what you choose. [Wot if the choice is a menu, and you look at it and say "Rubbish!!!!"!??!?! That wouldn't be very wise if you actually had to order a plate of rubbish, would it?!?!?!?]

Watch out Captain Kirk, here comes the Square Kilometre Array!!!!!!

Now this is vaguely interesting!!!! A new telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), is being built!!! So wot you might bawl!!!! Well, it's a square kilometer, erm, array of radio telescopes!!!!!! It's likely to be built in Australia!!!!!!!!!

Not interested yet???! How about this- it's going to be the most sensitive astronomical instrument ever made!!!! (Which actually sounds jolly rude!!!!!! I mean, I've got a rather sensitive "instrument" myself, which is pretty astronomical by all accounts!!!! But you won't see me "constructing" in to Australia!!!!!!!! Unless I go there on holiday of course.)

OK- hows about this for interesting, then!!!!! It's designed to search for spacealiens!!!!!! "Such a discovery will change our perception of our role in the cosmos. This telescope will be a great scientific instrument, but its effect on humanity could be profound." said some bloke.

Wot do mean you're bored!!!!!!! OK, how about this: the plans are being drawn up by the United Nations!!!!!!

Aha!!!!! I've got your attention now!!!!!! I expect you're saying "What the flippy do-dahs is the UN doing getting involved in this stuffs, as opposed to fielding ineffectual "peace-keeping" troops, or whatever it is they normally they do!!!!!" Well, I dunno!!!!! But here's a theory of mine: they want to make First Contact!!!!! Yep, you've guessed the UN have been inspired by Star Trek and want to turn themselves into The Federation!!!!!!

And if the name of the telescope is anything to go by, the Star Trek theme will probably be perfomed by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Have a blockade- over booze!!!!!

Well, you might remember Mr John "Bullshit Buzzer" Beattie from yesterday... And here's another flippant columnist from the Herald!!!!!!!! He seems to be taking the "piddle" of out the issues surround the recent UK fuel blockade I think!!!!!! In this version, it's a "booze blockade"....

Lecherous old git encourages young people to swear!!!!!!

Yes, I am of course, talking about the very wonderful Bill Grundy, who interviewed a bunch of unknown young sprites by the name of the Sex Pistols live on TV at teatime!!!!!!!!! He asked them to "say something outrageous" and they called him a "F@£%ing rotter"!!!!!!! It caused a bit of a rumble down South, I can tell you!!!!! I mean, young people using a word like "rotter"?!??!?! Crikey!!!! If I were in their shoes I would have called him a "f@£%ing dolt-ish c@#t"!!!!!!!!!! That would have been much more acceptable!!!!!!!

Ahem, anyway!!!!! You can read the transcript, and listen to a realaudio of the interview that first introduced the world to the Sex Pistols unique talents, and cost Mr Grundy his job!!!!! Thanks to this jolly nice website from Japan!!!!

Essential stuff- unless you're a "f@£%ing rotter" of course!!!!!!!!!

Old Fart- going since 550 AD!!!!!!

Apparently this is what I was in a previous life!!!!!! According this interesting website anyway!!!!!

In your past incarnation you were Male.You were born at or near Greece approximately on 550.

Your profession was monk, bee-keeper, lone gunman.

In your previous life:
You lived your previous life like a gypsy, always craving something new, fascinated by change. You loved art, music, and cooking so much that you probably enjoy these things in this life as well. Like then, you live for the fun times.

Lessons of your past life and how they affect the present:
You learned much about pain and humility in your previous life. In this life, you understand how important it is to help and have mercy for others. Never let an opportunity to help someone pass you by. It will result in spiritual growth and will earn you the admiration of others.

So next time you see a humble bohemian upwardly-mobile Greek assassin, wait till he's 1400 years old- that'll be me!!!!!!!!!!

"Blair government hit by [NEW SEX TOY]"!!!!!!

Now say you wanted to do a really cool website, what would you do??!?!?!? Well, in the case of this person, you would take press releases and replace key words with "[NEW SEX TOY]"!!!!!!!

However, I am not that person, as you no doubt can tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday's "petit fromage"!!!!!

Modesty is the art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.

"Pop" a look at this!!!! (Doh!!!!)

Well, it may not be fashoionable or "hip" to say this, but... Isn't the state of music in the UK a load of complete crap?!?!??!?! I mean, loadsa sheep robot type people listening to absolute garbage just to "fit in"!!!!!! And it sells, and takes up valuable media space!!!!!!! And people think it's really cool!!!!! And anything non-trendy gets slagged off mercilessly by people who wouldn't know good music if it hit them on the head with a baseball bat marked: "This is really good music!!!!!"!!!!!!!!

Yep, all in all, the UK indie scene has completely gone downhill in the past few years!!!!! While proper pop music has forged ahead in the past few years (barring the odd shite Pete Waterman produced act...), indie has generally given up being creative and gone right up it's collective anus!!!!!!! I mean, flipping Coldplay!!!!! What's the big deal about that crappy single "Yellow"!??!?! It sounds like a bad 1991 outtake from an ill-advised Cocteau Twins tribute band!!!! And the vid- a bloke on a beach, in an anorack!!!!!!!!!!!! And what about the flippin' Stereophonics?!?!?! Things have come to a pretty pass when they think it's pretty "revolutionary" to start ripping off Neil Young instead of bloody Del Amitri!!!!!!! And Gomez has the cheek to slag off kick-ass modern R'n'B like Missy Elliot because they make records that are not stuck in some idealised 60s Soul Disneyland!!!!!! And as for all this huffing and puffing about Slipknot being "rebellious", well it only took two fresh-faced pop brats by the name of Daphne & Celeste to completely upstage their act at the Reading festy!!!!!!!

Fume, fume!!!! Er, where was I!?!?!?!?!?! Oh yes, the only prob is that if you're fed up of holier-than-thou indie spod mags, then usually the only other choice has been flippin' terrible pop mags written by peeps marginally less intelligent than Barbie dolls!!!!!!!!!

Until tha megamighty W3 NetWeb inphopipeway came along tho!!!!!! Check out New York, London, Paris, Munich... Yep, everything they're talking about is pop music!!!!!!! And they're not too bad at it either!!!!!!

W3- you know da score!!!!!!

Phew!!!!! After a rant like that, there is one thing that is guaranteed to calm my nerves!!!!!

I am of course talking about a good old blast of UK techno hardcore circa 89-94!!!!!! There were tonz (!!!!) of these funky chunes being made, some never getting even to a proper radio, but a lot getting into the charts and prompting the usual "pop is dead" type nonsense from boring gits!!!!!! Most of them are now deleted, which makes it really hard to get hold of!!!!! I mean, you can't just go down to your local HMV and say "Have you got that spiffy gramophone by Red Alert and Mike Slammer, my good man?!?!?!???"!!!!!!!!

But yet again, tha W3 doth save the day(-ee!!!) This fabby site called Future Primitive has tons of links to various lost classics, including the very wonderful "Stakker Humanoid", and lots of proto-jungle hardcore by the likes of 4-Hero!!!!

So you can imagine I'm a little pleased!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

It's a F@£% Up- literally!!!!!!

Handy tip for TV broadcasters- if you have one channel showing a major public mass thingy in the Vatican City, and another showing hardcore rumpy pumpy- don't, whatever you do, get the soundtracks mixed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is really cheesy!!!!!! (Doh!!!!!!!)

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought: "Hmmm!!!!!! I wonder what I would be if my personality could be represented by a dairy product!!!!!!!!!" I know I have!!!!! Well now you can find out with this fabby webby site called the Online Cheese Comparator!!!!!!!

So, for the record, here, apparently, is my "cheese rating"!!

Your name is: Old Fart!!!!
Your cheese rating is: Red Leicester

A hard, grainy cheese, coloured red with annatto. Red Leiceter ripens quickly, and is typically sold after maturing for 10 - 12 weeks, but can be left to ripen for up to 9 months.


Now that's wot I call a large "instrument"!!! (oo-er!!)

I've got a large organ!!!!!! And sometimes I even play it!!! But even that pales in comparision to this rather massive piece of equipment!!!!!

The Large Hot Pipe Organ is the world's only MIDI controlled,
propane powered explosion organ.

The only MIDI controlled instrument of this type??!?!?! I wonder why!?!??!?!

(Warning- some large image loading times at the end of tha webbypage!!!!!)

Today's little gem!!!!!

Love looks through a telescope, envy through a microscope. [And presumably people who write this look through an endoscope!!!!!]

Block Banner Ads- with a textfile!!!! (in Windows!!!)

U-no, the main prob with using cookies on your browsey-wowsey is thatwhen you're using a website on which cookies are vital, on the page there's usually some crap ad banner sending some "tracking" cookies you don't need!!!!!

Well, if you're using Windoze, then check this page, which contains infs on how to block ad hosts using a single text file!!!!!!!

It's cool- and it's pants!!!!!!!

If you want to really mess with the minds of "trendy" people with "media" glasses and not much hair, then point them to this product- because it's simultaneously "cool"- and "pants"!!!!!

How is this possible?!?!?!?! Erm, well, it's "cool pants" ie refrigerated underwear!!!!!!

Upmarket newspaper rips us off!!!!!

Well, now you know where the strange man in the above story is coming from!!!!!! So you probably won't be too surprised to see he's done something else fairly "with-it"... His latest column today is a flippin' printed weblog!!!!!!!!!!!

Upmarket newspaper says a naughty word!!!!

Didn't quite expect to see this sentence opening a piece in Scotland's oldest broadsheet newspaper, the Glasgow Herald!!!

"You should be allowed to press a "Bullshit Buzzer". When a politician tells a porky, when a car manufacturer claims their lump of steel will make you braver or slightly larger in the nether regions, or at any other time you sense that garbage is being talked in the pursuance of corporate or individual self-interest."

Cripes!!!!! If that was the Daily Record, it would be "bulls**t", "p*rky" and "n****r regions"!!!!!!!!

Itsa nother eddytorial!!!!!!

Well, this is the first post-submit-SC-to-loadsa-blog-portals issue, so let me say "greetings!!!!!!" to all the squillions of new readers!!!!!! You're probably wondering what the "fudge fancy" is going on!!!!!!! Well, good!!!!!! I like keeping you on your toes!!!!!!!! I'm not going to pre-digest this for you, intellectually speaking!!!!!!! And if you expect any intellectual regurgitation, then I'm afraid you're going to be a little disappointed!!!!!!!!! You've got some braincells in your noggin- flipping well use them!!!!!!!!!!!! Trouble with you young whippersnappers is that you don't learn to use the ol' grey matter!!!!!!!! Too busy watching flippin' "docusoaps" and listening to "Ibiza mixes"!!!!!!!!!! I remember when Ibiza was a decent place for dropout hippies!!!!!!!! In my day, you could get one "special" tablet, go to a "baelaric" club where young Mr Tong played stuff like "The Woodentops", and you could still have enough to get back to Cafe Del Mar and listen to some old Spanish bloke play hippy music!!!!! Now that's what I call a night out, my son!!!!!!

Ahem!!!!! Where was I?!?!?!?! Oh yes!!!!! I'm going to be adding a FAQ answering loads of questions wot I just made up!!!!!! And then the redesign of SC will move onto "Phase II", where there will be a proper index to the site, and you can browse previous issues of SC at your leisure!!!!! Until then, here's the old site!!!!!!!!

Luckily, there's no phases beyond "Phase II"!!!!!!! If we got to "Phase IV", then we'd all turn into ants!!!!!!!!!!!! And then it would be really hard to edit SC wouldn't it?!?!??!?! Unless we got ant-sized computers!!!!!!! Which would be possible if people making computers hadn't been turned into ants, but if they had, then we'd really be in a pickle!!!! We'd have to re-start computer technology all over again!!!!!! It would be years until we get anywhere near the level of technology required to operate a weblog!!!!!! Which would mean that there would be a bit of a delay in updating Senior Citizen!!!!!!!!

So, perhaps it just as well that the chances of this scenario happening are remote in the extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2000

Old Fart reviews some weblogs that are really "big" in the London Evening Standard!!!!

Well, OK, maybe I am being a bit harsh about the above story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I might as well be fair and give the weblogs mentioned in the article a quick lookee over!!!!!!!!!!!

Now as usual with reviews, this is my personal opinion etc etc!!!!!!! One thing I notice is that a great amount of folks seem to have stopped using capitals on their titles!!!! Presumably because, it's a little bit boring!!!!!!!!!! (In which case, look at our logo for some tips on how to really use caps and lowercase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Boring!!!!!!!!
  • No-so-soft- not bad!!!!!!!!!!
  • riothero- nice design, shame about the content!!!!!!!!
  • Kitschbitch- ace design, (especially the piccy!!!) but a bit boring on the content front!!!!!!!!
  • Momblog- not entirely my cup of tea, but it's got a nice design and it's pretty well written!!!!!!!!
  • fourohfour- Just like MTV's "The Real World" as a weblog- bllleeeuuurrrghhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • vavatch orbital - this is more interesting!!! A man with a plan- Mars!!!!!!!! And he writes a lot!!!!!!!!!! And he's even discovered that old warhorse of sci-fi ezines, Intertext!!!! Cripes, I thought everyone had forgotten about that lot!!!!!!!!!
  • The Breast Chronicles- a weblog, by and for mammaries!!!!!!!!!!! Erm, interesting "analysis" of the "issues" surrounding (often quite literally!!!!!!!!!) the upper region of womenfolk of course...
  • Kylie and Scott go to London- Aussies paint the town red!!!!!!!! Well, they could have, I suppose- it would have made for a much more interesting weblog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Confessions of a Wannabee Actor- Oh dear, that ominous word "confession"!!!! And a quote from Anne flippin' DiFranco!!!!!!!!! And an actor!!!!!!!!!! Head-up-anus time?!??!?! Well, it's not actually that bad really, as our Brian Molko lookalike heroine discuss the difference between fillm butterfiles and theatre butterflies, and other such minutae!!!!!!!!!! Nice design as well...
  • Damaged- Nice design on the main weblog site, but not really that much to it... The journal section is decent tho.
  • The Smack- Hey!!!!!! This one's quite good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doglog- hey!!! Slashdot for dogs!!!!!! In fact, they could have called it SlashDog, except that the RSPCA might get a bit cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cocky Bastard- Hoho!!!!!!! And he thinks he's cocky does he?!?!?!?! Still nice design- and good to see someone's out there kicking bottom, even if they're not doing as well as I am of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, in general some not-too-bad ones out there!!!!!!! Just wait till they get as good as SenCit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they'll really be cooking!!!!!!

Old Fart fails to get mentioned in the London Evening Standard!!!!!!!!

I notice our esteemed publication fails to get mentioned in this article about UK based webloggers!!!!!!!! Probably because we're not some bunch of "bohemian" type people plastering our egos over tha W3 I suspect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual, you middle-class "feature" writers seem to miss the real story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's little piece of wisdom!!!

The New Year gives people a fresh start on their old habits.

Be a picturemaster- of your Viewmaster!!!!!!!

Remember ViewMaster!??!?!?!? You know!!!!! That funny red plastic "binoculars" type thing with a circular selection of slides, and you looked into the contraption, and it allegedly shows the slides in "3D"!!!!!!! Then you flip some springy switch and it moves onto the next "slide"!!!!!!

OK then, so you don't know what the four fruit marmalade I'm gabbling on about!!!!!!!!! But if by some microscopic chance you do, then you might be interested in this!!!!! The dudes who made ViewMaster are still around- and now they're letting you make custom slides from your own piccies!!!!!!! Tho I think they might draw the line at some of the piccies I might supply them!!!!!!!! Which is a shame, as I'd really like to send some ViewMaster slides to certain Songs of Praise presenters!!!!!!!!!!

This jewellery is arse- literally!!!!!!!!

Erm, I don't know what to make of this site!!!!!!!!!! It's called Rosebuds, although a more appropriate title would be Bumhole Jewellery!!!!!! Because that's what it is- lovely sparklers wot you put on your posterior!!!!!!!!

I can imagine it might be a bit of a bother when one wishes to do a "number 2"!!!!!!!!! But for those suffering from chronic diaorreah, then it could function as a very swish and upwardly mobile way to "plug" yourself up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Web Man predicts Web Log!!!!!

I had (and still have) a dream that the web could be less of a television channel and more of an interactive sea of shared knowledge. I imagine it immersing us as a warm, friendly environment made of the things we and our friends have seen, heard, believe or have figured out. I would like it to bring our friends and colleagues closer, in that by working on this knowledge together we can come to better understandings. [...] The dream is that if everybody works from day to day using the web as their notebook, mailer and calendar, [...] then the scaling problems of teams and organizations could somehow be solved.

So!!!! Who's this far-sighted fellow who sees the likes of Blogger as a step towards global harmony!?!?!?!? Why, it's good ol' Tim Berners-Lee, every European's favourite three word answer to some US person who goes: "We invented the web you limey assholes!!!!!!!!!!!".

Of course he's not exactly saying even this mighty organ (Ooo-err missus!!!!! Oh crikey, vicar!!!! etc.) will bring about world harmony!!!!! But in this lecture thingy he does called "Hypertext and Our Collective Destiny" he mentions that it goes someway to doing what this bloke called Dr Vannevar Bush was trying to do!!!!!!

Er, hang on!!!! Isn't that former US Prez George Bush's dad or something!??!?!?!?!? Does that mean we're going to have to suffer a Presedential Campaign with Al Gore claiming he invented tha NetWeb, and George W claiming his grandaddy invented tha W3?!?!??!?!?!?

MP3- it's like Shakespeare!!!!!

Nope!!!!! I'm not being my usual wacky self here!!!!! Some person in this article is comparing the two thingies!!!!!

Apparently the amount of bizzare bootlegs and pirated stuffs being traded on Napster/Freenet/Gnutella/PloppyTrader is starting to get a bit like the olden days, round about ol' Shake's time, when people used to rip off each others printed work and mess around with it!!!!!!!!

To be honest, it's not too much of a surprise- I mean, we've already had MP3s, like the Slim-Shady/Enya Remix, and there's even the suspciuous "remix" of Aqua's "Barbie Girl" I mentioned way back an old 1998 Senior Citizen!!!!!! But now you can record any crap punk band really badly, label it as a "Nirvana Bootleg (rare)", and peeps will download it like mad!!!!!!

The bloke in this article suggests "fixing" the official versh of a song by recording it onto a CD!!!! (Or put it on the band's official website, surely?!?!?!?!)

Protesters- learn web design!!!!!!!!

Looks like there's some hackers in the UK Fuel Protestors crowd!!!! Dis little webbysite got zapped by one of those new-fangled "hacktivist" peeps with his little public address on tha UK petrol tax "stramash"!!!!!

Nice one!!!!!! But why like most hacked sites, is the web design so bloody awful!??!?!?!? OK, you might not have been able to upload any GFX, but surely in this day and age you can add some stylesheet directives, and use some more tasteful colours, instead of the flipping ST Degas Elite system colors used here!!!!!!!!!! I mean, this is 2000AD, for Cliff's sake!!!!!!!!

Winer: don't "wine" about Open Source!!!!! (Doh!!!!)

You know those funny computing and business trends magazines who seem to pounce on everything new like it's the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, and then say it's complete crap when it fails to live up to their expectations within 6 weeks!!!!!! It's happened before with Java, now it seems like it's "Open source is complete crap!!!!" season!!!!!

There's been enough of them, that open source fan Dave Winer has taken it upon himself to write a nice detailed article about them, slagging them off!!!!

A bloke called "Winer" slagging off whiners?!??! Wot next? A bloke called "Windows" slagging off Microsoft?!?!??!?!?!

Mozilla- it's not crap!!!!!!

Looks like that highly amusing Suck article which decided, in typical Suck-y unreadable fashion, that Mozilla was "out", has encouraged more people to give it a go!!!!!!! I know it has in my case!!!!!!!! And the latest versh is actually getting pretty useable, as well as having a lot of interesting XML-based backend technology which is blurring the differences between tha browsey-wowsey and tha compute OS!!!! (Which in the case of Windows is a definate boon!!!!) Looks like the official Mozilla has got definate potential- and you can even get a not-so-big versh of it for all you Linux propeller-heads!!!!

And it looks like I'm not the only to notice it either- so has the person, who giving it a plug- complete with big screenshots!!!!! Of course, you get the usual Slashdot-type moaning gits adding comments afterwards, but then you would expect that, wouldn't you!!!!!!!!!!

The solution to MP3- format it!!!!

Well, no doubt you're probably a bit sick of hearing record company execs saying they want to cut the balls off Napster users, and sell their children into slavery!!!!!!! So here instead is an old MTV hack, who has an interesting idea for MP3- format it!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope!!!!!!! He doesn't mean format the hard drive!!!!!!!! In fact, he's making a vaguely interesting argument about being able to stitch MP3 in a fashion not unlike a radio playlist!!!!!!!!!

So even on your MP3 player, you're going to get some idiot blathering all over the end of the song, just like a BBC Radio 1 DJ!!!!! Either that or pause for a bit and make some comment that they think is terribly clever and witty, and pause again for people to laugh heartily and worship the very ground they walk upon- just like MTV VJs!!!!!!