Monday, January 07, 2002

The Fast & The Furious- and that's just the customers!!!!!!!!

You might be dimly aware that by now a lot of breadheads in the gramophone industries are getting a little put out by the fact that Napster/Gnutella/LimeWire/MusicCity/P2P-Plopster are showing that the average consumer never was quite the loyal "revenue stream" they thought they were!!! To remedy this scourge of free music (And presumably, given the extent to which the music industry relies on freebies in the first place, "rationalise" their industry in tha proces!!!!!), they're now starting to make CDs that don't play on anything that uses CD-Roms!!! Or indeed, a great deal of "proper" CD players!!!!! Presumably this is meant to prevent piracy, or indeed any concept of fair use!!!!

Mind you, one other thing that it appears to be preventing is record sales!!!! According to this bloke, the first US release containing copy protection hasn't even scraped into the US top 200!!! And the "reviews" on Amazon haven't been too complimentary either!!!! Woops!!!!