Friday, February 08, 2002

Talk about 'revealing sources'!!!!!!

U-no!!! I was reading some story in tha Wooly Brigade's fave papier, Tha Guardian!!!! It was about the usual music industry woes re Morpheus/Gnuttella/Limewire/PloppyTrader/Bearshare (Wot?!?!?! Is that a P2P thingy for "blue movies"?!?!?!? I think we should be told!!!!!!) and wasn't too much to write about, to be honest!!!!

Except for this!!!!!! The GuardyPeeps put their usual load of "related links" at the end of their story, just like any tired "old media" w3sitey!!!! And look at what they put as the top link!!!!!!!!! Before the linkos to the National Crime Sqaud!!!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2002


They finally picked the replacement member for Kym in failing made-uppie beat combo Hear"Say, and peeps are really pleased about it!!!!!!!


Fractals- in Javascript!!!!!!!